Tippy Payne Memorial - The Good Citizen Award

In December 2008, the Upperville Horse Show and this community lost one of its dearest citizens. Barbara "Tippy" Payne had an untimely accident doing what she loved most.

The Upperville Horse Show will pay tribute to Tippy's honor with a special memorial presentation each year. The professional staff in the hunter office, who have worked with Tippy for many years, will choose the person who exhibits the cheerful - smiling - friendly - kind attitude, like Tippy.

It seems that she was as much a part of the horse show as the ancient oaks. Her ever present smile, good humor and helpful attitude greeted generations of horse show visitors and she was never to busy congratulate a winner or to console those not so fortunate.

The artist, Jean Clagett of Atelier West Studio in Upperville, has sculpted a bronze exemplifying two of Tippy's other great loves, following the Piedmont Hounds, aboard Lady Hawke, across the rolling hills and stonewalls of the Virginia countryside.