The Wall of Honor

Conceived by Colonel Richard Dulany in 1853 as an incentive to promote better care and quality in local riding horses, an afternoon competition has grown into a week long international event.

From the beginning, it was a great success; a large number of entries for the two classes came to the Oak Grove on Number Six, now Grafton Farm. Spectators arriving with their friends and families in buggies and carriages set up tables and picnicked under the spreading limbs of the oak trees. The small organizing committee, with the guidance of Colonel Dulany, decided to form a club to ensure the continuation of this event. Colonel Dulany was elected president, a position he held for over fifty years.

Mayme Ober Peak wrote of Colonel Dulany in a 1931 article for the Loudoun-Fauquier Magazine, “a gentleman of the old school- hospitable, generous, public-spirited….His love for horses was a tradition.” Throughout the years, interested neighbors have joined the families of the original organizers, to continue those qualities in the Upperville Colt & Horse Show. Many of the country’s best horsemen have returned each year to compete under the oaks, and enjoy the relaxed Virginia hospitality.

We wish to thank and recognize those people and horses that have kept this tradition alive. Those who return year after year to work or compete have become as familiar and important as the oaks that grace the historic show grounds. They are in fact themselves, “Upperville Oaks”.

The Wall lists the past presidents, who have guided the Upperville Colt & Horse Show through its long history while maintaining the character and quality of the event. Also listed are the charter members and the inductees each year beginning with 2005. As time goes on, we hope to honor more of the people and horses that have gone before us, remembering our past as we look to the future.

Charter Members

R.S. Peach

Taylor S. Hardin

James L. Wiley, Sr.

Nancy G. Lee

Elizabeth Whitney Tippett

Morton W. Smith

Alex Calvert

J. Arthur Reynolds

Delmar Twyman

Ennis Jenkins

Sallie Sexton

Sallie B. Wheeler

Silver Crest



Quiet Flite

Duke of Paeonian

Black Hawk

Bon Nuit

2005 Inductees

Robert J. Burke

Ellie Wood Baxter

Rodney Jenkins

M. Edgar Mills


2006 Inductees

Dr. Rufus Humphrey

William H. Perry

Mrs. Frances “Funny” Rowe

William S. “Tommy” Stokes

Paul Mellon

Idle Dice

Sign The Card


Mrs. John “Betty” Maloney

Charles “Charlie” Wheeler

Kenneth Wheeler

Mrs. Rionda “Mary” Braga

2007 Inductees

Jane Dillon

Dorothy N. Lee

Daniel P. Lenehan

General George Patton

Betty Anne Triplett

Bon Retour

Broken Glass

Journey Proud

Howard Allen

Jimmy Hatcher

Michael Matz

Betty Beryl Schenk

Ashford Castle

2008 Inductees

Mo Dana

Marshall Hawkins

Robert Kerns

True Blue

Shining Hour

Lee Cross

Nancy Dillon

Malachi Grant

Charles “Charlie” Risdon


2009 Inductees

A. E. “Gene” Cunningham

Pembroke Somerset Gochnauer

Barbara “Tippy” Payne

Cap & Gown


Eileen Brent Beckman

Gene Pillion

Robert J. Pillion

Rainbow Connection

2010 Inductees

Mrs. J. Deane Rucker

Jack Payne

Cold Climate


Spanish Mint

Francis E. Finchum

Hermen Greenberg

Monica L. Greenberg

Poppett Robinson Pitts

San Siro

2011 Inductees

Mrs. Heywood Nelms

Dave Kelley

Just For Fun

Two For One

War Hawk

Mrs. Stephen “Katz” Clark

Sheila Sisk

Marguerite Taylor


2012 Inductees

Mr. Charles T. “Chuck” Hoovler

Dr. Calvin Rofe

Sir Thompson

Diana Dodge

Jim Waddell

Sara Nan Payne West

Diams III

2013 Inductees

Joan Higginson Dunning

Mr. Greg Ramsay

Super Flash

Valerie Archibald Embrey

Mrs. Sylvester Johnson

Popeye K

2014 Inductees

Mr. W. Gary Baker

Blue Horizon

Mr. Bobby Powell

Stocking Stuffer

War Dress

Cornelia “Nina” W. Bonnie

Lillian S. Griber

2015 Inductees

Crag’s Corner

Vince Dugan

Sharon “Sam” Maloney

Beverly Sanford McConnell

Noel Twyman

Deacon Melvin “Dude” Warner

Tarco Van Ter Moude

2016 Inductees

Barban Court

Albert A. Barber

Rose Marie Bogley

Isaiah S. “Mr. B” Brown

Diana J. Firestone

Bertram R. Firestone

Helen Buchanan Jones


2017 Inductees

Jean Liseter Austin duPont

Patty Heuckeroth

High Noon

Kathy Kusner

Liseter Clever Star


Dennis Singhas

2018 Inductees



Gaylord Hoisington

Steve McVeigh

Bucky Reynolds

Spirit of Song

2019 Inductees

Colonel John F. Zugschwert, U.S. Army (Ret.)

J. Mayo Brown

Way Cool

Jack Stedding


Doris Jones

Janet Hitchen

2021 Inductees

Hetty Abeles


General Crosbie “Butch” Saint

Walter “Jimmy” Lee

Scott To Do

Shenandoah Opal

Marianne Wynward “Winnie” Howland

Sally Lamb

2022 Inductees

Pamela “The Coffee Lady” Hayden

Mary B. Schwab

Wallene “Tutti” Perricone

Up Chiqui

Glena Wirtanen